Virginie Petorin & Coco a Golden Cocker Spaniel in Shoreditch, East London - E5 Dog Photography

Our story

If you have ever loved something just about so much that it makes you want to burst, you will understand the passion I have for my photography - but most of all for my partner in dog Coco.


In fact, if I could describe a perfect day it might be a lazy stroll around the Markets of Hackney (Chatsworth road Market, Broadway Market, Columbia road Flower Market, New Spitalfields Market..), Shoreditch in East London with Coco, followed by drinks at our favorite place the Ace Hotel. The wind would be light, the sun would be shining and Coco would be tugging at the lead to meet other dogs out for their daily walks. My camera would be around my hand and I wouldn’t be able to resist a few snaps to add to the photo album.


That’s me - dogs and photography. A match made in heaven.


The combining of these two passions is what inspires my days and the fact I can make a living from these two parts of my life is both overwhelming and wonderful.


I am Virginie Petorin, from the coastal town of La Rochelle in France but with definite Parisian sensibilities! I have lived in the UK for several years after settling in East London where I set up my first photography studio. These days I move between London and Paris where I am lucky to have photography studios to meet the needs of all my clients.


My journey towards making dog photography my career started as an air stewardess, was followed by many years as a bookkeeper to partner level and finally arrived as a wedding, portrait and family photographer with a little modelling thrown in. My skill was honed on the streets of London, New York and  Paris where I was inspired by the ancient photos I saw in flea markets and as my career progressed, I knew that dog portraiture had to become my favorite. I just couldn’t resist it.


My role as a London dog photographer allows me to capture the strong bond between owner and dog whilst also revealing the special character and playfulness that comes from every dog. That loyalty and innocence shines through in my photos and while this takes patience to capture, the end result is always worth the wait.


While the passionate nature of my French home is clear in my work, it is the artistic inspiration of London that has truly set my heart on fire. Upon arriving in the city I was met with the hipster culture, the bustling narrow streets and the excitement of the noise and crowds. 


I provide a range of photographic work including landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, family groups, new born, weddings and of course, pet photography. I have the technical and artistic knowledge to offer interesting and high quality work. But without the internal voice that tells me this is my destiny, I may never have managed to come on this journey at all.

So, that’s our story. I hope that learning about me, and more importantly Coco, has helped you to get a picture (no pun intended) for how I work. If you’d still like to know more, or would like to book a dog or puppy photoshoot, please fill out the Contact Me

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