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Welcome to the first Pupparazzi Brunch at Anther

Anther is hosting its first Pupparazzi Brunch on Thursday 14th March 

The event is centred around different option, which comprises of having a stunning pawtrait by E5 Dog Photography who is in British Vogue this month, and pawlicious menu for humans & doggies!

Thoughtfully combined to get happy memories for human and tongues & tails wagging for their dogs!

In the heart of the Columbia flower market in Benthal Green in London, and close to the Ion Square Garden, Anther offers a pawfect vista, and champions our canine companions being ‘dog-friendly’ inside and out.

Local cosy restaurant & bar on

109 Columbia road, London

Media Pupparazzi pop up Anther
1 - Pupparazzi at Anther by E5Dog Photography 14th March 2024-8
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