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January 29, 2017

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Behind the scenes of the studio E5 Dog Photography in London

March 18, 2018

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Letter from my Dog..

January 29, 2017

Last PupIdol show with All Dogs Matter - Dexter the rescue & Eve


I appeared on earth about 100,000 years ago, and I am the first species to have been domesticated by man. I'll live an average of 11 years, 8 times shorter than you. My skeleton has about 300 bones, 94 more than you. I would always be more sporting and active than you.


MY SENSE of smell is far superior to yours, I have forty times more neuron devoted to my sense of smell than you. 


MY HEARING and also much more developed than you, I can hear sounds 4 times farther than you, but also sounds that you do not even hear (ultrasounds).


MY VISUAL field is 100 degrees while you it is 140 degrees, I see less details of a static object, but, I have a peripheral vision superior to you, and so I better detect movements than you, for that I like when you throw the ball to me!


MY VISION perhaps blurry, and less color, but much better at night than you. 


THE TOUCH  is the hair, the eyebrows and the vibrisses (long hair of the muzzle), that I feel the contacts, even if my touch remains undeveloped, I easily make the difference between a caress and a correction, or the heat and cold.


MY TAST is not like a gastronome, it is rather the smell that counts first, I am therefore more gluttonous than true epicurean.


MY HEALTH  is generally solid, but requires frequent consultations with the doctor of animals! (Veterinary)