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Favourite Fun Dog Photoshoot Ideas

To capture some amazing photographs, you’ll need the right equipment. From cameras, to lenses to lighting, there is a lot that goes into getting that perfect shot.

But wait! There’s one more tiny detail that needs to be just right - the subject of the photograph, of course. If you have an awesome subject, then you’ll get some really nice pictures.

If the subject is someone as super-duper cute as your dog, it’s practically a guarantee.

As per this article, taking photos and capturing moments on film helps us become more immersed in the experience. Research has shown that we enjoy ourselves more when taking pictures!

And if you want to make the photos even better and a lot more fun, then why not go further and spice up the photoshoot even more?

Hang a Background

This is one place where you can be as creative as possible. Look around your home and see what you can find - maybe a vibrant bedsheet or an abstract painting.

That said, make sure your dog stands out and does not blend in your chosen background.

If you can’t find anything at home, you can also buy a metre of any fancy fabric and use that to hang or tape it in the background.

Now pop your dog in front of the background and start snapping!

Go Outside

If you stay close to Ruislip Woods, Danson Park or any such picturesque locales, then the outdoors can serve as the perfect backdrop for a dog photoshoot. See other parks we think would be great background and fun for you and your dog.

Take advantage of the natural light, your dog’s innocence and playfulness, and the scenic location. I’m confident you’ll be able to get some mind-blowing pictures worth framing!

Make sure that there is at least one other person other than you to help while your dog frolics around. You don’t want your pet running away too far!

It’s All in the Details

As a pet parent, you’re the best person to know your dog’s moods, quirks and cute moments. Why not use that as the theme and get some really good close-ups of your pet?

You adore his ears or maybe the expressive eyes. No, then what about his wet nose? Or maybe the way he tilts his head or perks up his ears.

If you’re able to capture all these sweet moments, then you’ll have a lifetime full of memories. Not to forget the fun that you had with your dog the day you were to trying to get him to pose!

Blackboards and Messages

Imagine your dog with a message ‘I Woof You’ or ‘Ain’t I Pawsome?’ on a small blackboard hanging around his neck. Now wouldn’t that make for an adorable picture?

You can keep changing the messages and clicking as much as you like until you get a couple of good shots.

Use Props

Scarves, bow ties, hats, glasses, headgears, balloons… get as imaginative as you can! Use these props and more to enhance your dog’s personality.

If your dog has a favourite chew toy or ball, try and get that in the frame as well. Don’t bother about how shabby or scruffy it looks. When he sees the toy, get ready to click as his expression and the way his eyes light up will be good enough for those fabulous images!

Invite Your Dog’s Crush or Friend

Does your dog have a playtime buddy? Why not click photos of both of them together? Let them carry on with their play sessions as usual - inside or outside, and you can pick a good spot to snap both of them in action.

We are sure you’ll come up with some great photos!

Here are some more ideas on Pinterest that you’ll certainly find useful.

No doubt, your dog will be your most-loved subject for a photoshoot, but you also need to be patient with them. According to this article, you can’t expect to receive a lot of cooperation when photographing them. So, you need to exhibit patience at all times.

They are like babies and won’t sit still. They are constantly on the move, and trying to get their attention will be the most difficult part of all.

Here are some quick tips to get the best out of your dog photoshoot.

  • Always keep his treats handy. If you want your dog to look straight at the camera or strike a pose, use the treats to make him stand still.

  • Don’t go after a prolonged photoshoot. They will get bored, and it will show in the photos.

  • Take as many breaks as required.

  • You need to make the experience fun for your dog. If they are not happy, it will come across in the photos as well.

  • Take photos from all angles and take as many as you can. Chances are that out of 20, at least one or two will turn out just like you wanted them.

  • Don’t take photos from your level. Get down to the level of your dog and then start clicking. You’ll be surprised at the number of interesting shots you’re able to capture.

  • Avoid using flash too close to the dog. It will not only frighten them, but also produce high contrast pictures. If possible, try and use natural light or a very subtle light source.

  • Get a few black and white shots as well if your camera permits. They will make for some elegant photos!

  • After the photoshoot, you can also use filters to come up with some captivating images.

What About a Professional Photoshoot?

If you want to get some candid shots of your dog, you can even hire a professional photographer. The best part about this photoshoot will be that even you can tag along in a few photos and get some nice pictures of you and your dog together.

Most professional photographers have a studio as well. But you do have the option of them coming over to your place where your dog will be the most comfortable or shooting somewhere outside.

Whatever you decide to do, hire a professional photographer or click some pictures on your own, keep in mind that you need to be very patient to get the best pictures.

It may take a couple of hours or even an entire day. But rest assured that you’ll get some quality snaps worth remembering, sharing and framing!

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