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How To Travel Without Your Dog – Without The Guilt, Worry or Sadness

There comes a time in every dog owner’s life that a trip must be taken without your beloved pooch. Whether it’s a trip for work or perhaps visiting family or friends that aren’t (inconceivably!) dog lovers. It seems the more we love our dogs, the less willing we are to go away without them.

Sometimes, trips without your dogs are necessary. While holidays with your dogs can be thoroughly enjoyable, there are some trips that your dog won’t enjoy. Anywhere where your dog will be left in a hotel room for the whole day or cooped up in a kennel is certainly not a holiday your pup is going to enjoy. As much as we miss our beloved furry friends, sometimes it’s better for them to stay at home.

Missing Your Dog and Abandonment

Many dog owners suffer terribly from separation anxiety with their pets, feeling like they are bad guardians for leaving their dogs to go and have fun. For many people, this will stop them taking trips altogether. As much as you will miss your dog, travelling without your dog doesn’t mean you don’t love them and they won’t take it personally.

In fact, using a friendly sitter who will play with them and give them all the love and attention they need will help to reassure you that a dog doesn’t feel abandoned. What’s more, is that you can tailor your dog sitting needs to suit your dog to help lessen the impact of your departure. You can have a dog sitter stay at your home if your dog doesn’t like new places or take your dog to a sitter who has other dogs so that your dog can play and be sociable with other furry friends. Whatever you and your dog’s requirements, you can be sure that your best friend will be left in the best possible hands


Five Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Sitter

As a dog owner, you are more likely to spend time researching the care for your dog during your travels, rather than the accommodation for yourself. Finding a pet sitter who’s right for you takes time. Follow these top five tips to help your search and find the perfect sitter for your pooch.

1- Get Prepared

Popular and well-liked pet sitters are likely to get booked up early, particularly in popular holiday times. Start reviewing your pet sitting options early to make sure you have a range of all the best sitters. To start your search, consider a website such as Dog Buddy, who finds approved pet sitters in your local area.


2-Choose Your Preferred Option

Pets who enjoy company and enjoy playing with other dogs may prefer to stay with a pet sitter, where there is likely to be other furry friends to play with. If your pup doesn’t like socialising, consider having a pet sitter who stays in your home, to keep your dog company while your pooch enjoys the usual home comforts.

Lola & Coco

3- Think About The Extras

A trip away may be a perfect time for your pup to get a well-earned treat. If your dog loves TLC "Tender Loving Care", consider a pet sitter who will groom their coat or will take them to a local dog grooming parlour. You can also use this time for ‘intensive training’, where some dog sitters will teach your dog some much-needed training that is professional and enjoyable.

Every dog is different and may have different needs, so make sure your pet sitter will provide all of the functions that you and your pup need.

4- Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask potential pet sitters about their service, such as how much playtime your dog will receive, if the home has a garden and what type of walks (and how many) your dog will enjoy. Be sure that this is in line with your expectations so you can have peace of mind when you are away. With a site, such as dog buddy, dog sitters will even send you photos and track their walks for complete reassurance.

5- Emergency Care

Make sure to book a sitter who is fully insured. Certain sitter sites will provide complimentary public liability and vet coverage as an added security measure. It may be worthwhile asking your potential sitter what they do in an emergency, whether they have their own car to take your pet to the vet if needed and if they have a procedure in place.

When booking a sitter don’t forget to give them an emergency contact (aside from you) for backup and be sure to provide contact details for your vet.

The Vet

Then sit back and relax, with a trusted sitter your dog is bound to have just as much fun as you will, without stress, worry or guilt!


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