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My First Doggie Speed Dating in London

My First Speed Dating was a "Doggie Speed Dating hosted by Fetch & Follow" in our Favourite Place in London; Shoreditch - The Ace Hotel London.

Fetch & Follow is a stylish brand for dog owners and dog lovers. All their products are designed in their North London Studio and made in the UK. On their website, you can find incredible handmade items for your cuddly pup. Coco adores his collar bought from Fetch&Follow.

If like many you wish to find a bona fide lover and a tail-wagging soul mate who will stand by you in health and sickness but are a little unsure on which breed is right for you. Or maybe you have found your four-legged pooch-kin but need expert advice on how to train, feed or groom them in the best way; then the 'Doggie Speed Dating' event was just the place to put your worries to rest. It was a doggy-packed event with ten key bow-wow authority speakers to provide useful tips and help on all things dog-related.

At the event, we were treated to a series of fun and informative short “dates" with all the ten experts present. Amongst others, we had the chance to enjoy a musical chair for 15 minutes with all the industry experts, doggy charities and doggy personalities, there to set us up with our pawfect partner.

When we got to the lobby of the Ace Hotel London, a team of Fetch & follow experts were already there waiting to receive us and show us around. In total, we had ten specialists, and twenty-five guests with doggies at the event.

Here is a breakdown of our participation with all ten doggy experts present.

1. All Dogs Matters

Our participation with the 'All Dogs Matters' expert was exciting; we talked about fostering and did some fun activities together. Check our dog show page on our website.

2. Dr Ciara

She is the proud owner of a cocker, so talking specifically about this breed is especially exciting for me. We talked about health i.e. why sugar-free peanut butter is good and why it is important for humans and pets to stay away from sweeteners. She further advised on sound feeding practices even in time of sickness.

3. Louise Glazebrook

The encounter with Louise was an occasion for us to finish the puppy training session at a relaxed time at the Ace Hotel London. Our beloved Coco did his puppy training with her in the QG in Shoreditch.

Louise does fantastic work with dogs; she can help you train your puppy or dog in a healthy and friendly way. Dogs don’t just communicate with one part of their body but use every part of their entire body such as tail, ears, eyes, mouth, etc. to send us messages about how they’re feeling. Learning to understand what they’re trying to tell us is important, but even more important is knowing when to remove them from a situation you’re finding difficult to deal with.

She published a book called 'Dog About Town' which educates on 'How to Raise a Happy Dog in the City'.

4. The Blue Cross Charity

The Blue Cross charity was one of the two nominated recipients of all profits from the event. It was a pleasure having them there, and getting to hear about all the amazing jobs they do.

5. Kima Wainwright

We had a brilliant session with Kima Wainwright; the key focus was the importance of using organics and plants to feed and treat our cutie pups. They outlined the importance of natural treatment and nutrients in the health and well-being of our pets.

6. Lauren Sheldon - Dog Photographer

Her photography tells the story of London’s rescue dogs with her book 'Rescue Me Project'. Lauren has also recorded audio of her encounters which you can listen on her website.

7. Carolina

She is also the groomer at @Packandclowder, our QG shopping for Bowtie toys in Hackney East London Chatsworth Road E5. She recommended paw balm for doggy paw (I asked her what to do after long walks on the beach).

8. Rachel Oates - Dog Photographer

Rachel is an accomplished dog photographer and famous for her Corgi @winnythecorgi on Instagram. In the UK, the Corgi is Famous with our Queen.

9. Elle the French Bulldog

Elle is an authoritative personality in the doggy industry with over 11.3K followers on Instagram.

10. Reggie The Schnoodle

Reggie The Schnoodle is branded as the 'The smiliest Schnoodle in town' on social media. Reggie has over 9,735 followers on Instagram with his Dad Photographer.

A great value for money...?

The cost of a ticket for the event was £20. However, all profits made was donated to charity. The recipients were All Dog Matters and The Blue Cross. So what did you get for £20?

  • Talking all afternoon about your Doggy or future doggy with expert and with a lot of fun.

  • A mini Brunch at the top floor with a top view.

  • One cocktail, mine was a Salty dog (Bombay Sapphire, Pamplemousse Liqueur, Soda and Salt rim).

  • A doggy inspired goodie bag from @Fetch&Follow (voucher, natural food, magazine, treats and lot of brilliant information for your special doggy).

So what can you expect from such an event? In three words,


In conclusion, I can gladly say that my first speed dating was the best rendez-vous for a while! I could feel the love, fun & inspiration in the air. Without a doubt, the Fetch & Follow event, and other similar events are a good help for dog owners, dog lovers and prospective dog owners. What are you waiting for? Get involved and start sharing your doggy experiences.


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