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What to wear for your Studio Photoshoot

At the end of each photoshoot session with your dog, I will always finish with the family portrait. And for you it's very important to know what to wear to make the most of these precious photos for "The Family Portrait you will hanging on your wall"

Decorating your home with family photos is fairly easy, but finding ones that really stick out can be a challenge.

For your dog portrait those tips are not necessary but for humans yes!

Clothing and styling is clearly a very subjective and personal choice, but what you are wearing is just as important as all the other details such as lighting and posing!

First and foremost, all family member should dress in the way that makes them feel comfy and relaxed. This will help for natural photos that reflect true personalities.

For the colour, avoid busy patterns, stripes logo or illustration and mixing darks and lights.

If using darker colours, I suggest black, royal blue, burgundy or hunter green. Wear solid colouring clothing.

If using lighter colours, I suggest white and pastel colour.

And if you have a favourite colour that you just love, wear it!

Then I will use some colourful backgrounds, so keeping the number of colours between 1 to 3 works fabulously well.

For example denims and creams top.

Choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow because your arms take up more skin area than your face and will draw attention. It may also make yours arms look larger..

Keep jewellery simple because to much draws attention from your face. But keep in mind that it can reflect your personalities.

The ideal is to wear similar tones top & bottom.

Lighter colours often make sitters look bigger, so a light colour on top with dark trousers will make you top look larger (and vice versa). Using similar tone for your top and bottom will ensure one doesn't appear larger than the other.

Do your hair the way you'd normally do . Because your portrait will be more timeless and represent more closely who you are, not just what you look like.

By following these tips, together we can create the perfect family portrait that you will love and treasure. While these tips can help to design the perfect photography shoot, the most important thing is for you to feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in the environment so that we can create a fun and heartwarming portrait that will sit proudly in your home and be a wonderful focal point.


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