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Celebration - Coco's Birthday Party

My plan for the day is to just


Our pups may not realise what birthday parties really mean, nevertheless, they sure can enjoy a fun-filled day!

Throwing a dog birthday, the first for Coco, is the perfect excuse to spend a day being a crazy dog mum stocking up on pawsome photos!

Here was the plan for that crazy day:

Visit our fav’shop to choose the perfect gift

Whether you get new toys, replace their old chewed-up ones, make more treat; your dog will be delighted! so we popped along to Pack and Clowder for some perfect treats for Coco.

Share with your furry friends

Bake a doggie cup cake

Individual treats are usually easier to share between dogs, and are also less messy! Always make sure that all ingredients are safe for dogs.

My recipe for cup cake:

half grated carrot

half banana

Drop of honey

One egg

2 big spoon of flour

one tiny spoon of baking powder

10mn do to it

20mn to cook it at 180 degree

5seconds to eat it!

Make the day memorable with lots of fun (balloons…)

Have you held a dog birthday party recently? Let us know in comments and for the next time, why not treat your pup to a photo shoot in our studio filled with balloons, hats and plenty of cake.

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