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8 Facts You Should Know About Dating A Dog Lover

You may have dated a DOG LOVER at some point in your life, but if you haven’t been fortunate enough to meet a date who is a POOCH LOVER, then it is never too late to start getting ready. It can sometimes seem weird or crazy what goes on between a dog lover and their four-legged best friend, but trust me it all makes sense to us, and don’t try to tell us otherwise.

Our furry baby is our family, and we share an UNCONDITIONAL bond and LOVE. It is a one-for-all-and-all-for-one affair with us dog-lovers. If you find yourself dating a dog-lover it is wise to know these few things about us, so you don’t get unnecessarily jealous or shocked by what transpires between our lovely pooch and us.

1. We are ready for commitment

We dog lovers aren’t afraid to give our all when in a relationship. Think about it we already have a cuddly pet we are willing to spend the rest of our lives with, how hard can it be committing to a long-term relationship? We treasure the essence of a relationship and LISTEN TO OUR HEARTS, not our heads.

2. We can get our hands dirty when needed

As a dog lover, you get to clean up after your cutie-pie on a daily basis; it is part of the relationship WE SIGNED UP FOR. What can be messier than cleaning a doggie’s pop? We are ready for whatever mess that comes up in the relationship. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty.

3. We are intoned with our inner side

Uh! Here is the thing; we dog-lovers can be VERY SENSITIVE at times. We know when you are sad, happy, worried or distant. We can feel the energy vibrating from you. It's not a big surprise as we spend so much time with our NON-VERBAL LOVERS. We count greatly on BODY LANGUAGE AND FACIAL EXPRESSIONS to depict what emotions you may be going through.

4. Best cuddlers in the world

This is so true, have you ever been told that dog lovers are the best cuddlers? Don’t be surprised it’s true. One of the reasons we love our furry best friends is because we get to cuddle them as much as we want – that’s if our babies are willing to cuddle with us too. This transpires into our relationships. So don’t be startled if you are invited to JOIN IN OUR CUDDLES.

5. We love unconditionally

DOG LOVER ARE THE BEST HUMANS LOVERS. We are LOYAL, LOVING AND CARING. Ponder about it for a second; we have dedicated a significant chunk of our lives to love our pet. Therefore we must surely believe in TRUE LOVE. This is so true! We believe in giving our all in a relationship and trusting our sweethearts unconditionally. This is something we do consistently with our pooch and so naturally transfers to our human lovers.

6. We expect you to love our dogs too

It is the least we can ask from someone who intends TO BE PART OF OUR LIFE. We have a bond with our four-legged kinfolk, and it would be a complex affair if we can’t all get along. We have been with our baby longer than we have been with you, so it is best to go with the flow and love our baby too - it is the least we can ask from you.

7. We love to kiss our furry-pooch

Yes, it’s true! Dogs can be filthy and messy at times. They drool and probably don’t brush, but this doesn’t stop us from kissing our doggies. We expect you to get used to kissing our DOGGIE-FLAVOURED LIPS and also kissing our drooling babies – at a certain point at least.

8. Don’t get jealous

Our doggie has been OUR FAMILY AND BEST FRIEND for a long time before you showed up. So don’t get jealous when we show our baby a lot of care and attention. We can never replace you with our doggie and vice versa. So, don't worry, be happy! We have enough love to go around.

We understand nothing can ever get you prepared for a human relationship, but we do hope, these little pointers help you make the most of your relationship with a DOG LOVER. Wish you all the best and HAPPY SNUGGLING.


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