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5 ways to tell your dogs you love them in their own language

We all LOVE our dogs, after all, what isn’t too love about man (and woman’s) best friend? They are loyal, loving and there when we need them, and the best thing that we can do for as an owner is give the same LOYALTY and AFFECTION back to our dogs.

But, what if that isn’t enough for you? What if you want to make sure that you show your prized pooch just how SPECIAL they are to you? It isn’t as easy as giving them some flowers, or reading them a poem, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t tell your dog how you feel. ALL YOU NEED to do IS try to speak their own language.

To help share the LOVE, we have put together the 5 ways that you can tell your dog just how you feel, so take a read through and then get expressing your love to your canine pal!

Plenty of eye contact during snuggle time

Does your dog love CUDDLING UP on the sofa after a nice long walk? This is the ideal time to show them a bit of affection. EYE CONTACT is key here. As you stroke them and give them a fuss, make sure that you lock eyes with them.

Play together

Dogs love playing, and an owner who loves their dog will fit in time for PLAY! This can come in a wide variety, it really depends on your dog. Some love to take long walks through the woods and fields, whilst others want to head to a large open space and RUN around after a ball. There are also those water loving dogs who will love being by the sea, so if you live in coastal regions you might find that a paddle in the water will have them feeling the love.

Let them sleep on your bed

By allowing your dog to share your bed is a great way to show them that you value them. They know that this is a SPECIAL PLACE, and by being able to snuggle up with you whilst you sleep, they will be able to do their sworn duty of protecting you, as well as get some restful sleep themselves.

Use body language

Many owners will say that their dogs understand what they are saying to them, but you may find that these owners use the tone of their voice and their body language to emphasis what they are trying to say. By EXPRESSING YOURSELF and using big gestures your dog will react more, so it makes sense to be bold with your DECLARATION OF LOVE!

Let them be close to you

Dogs like to be by their owner’s side, so if you can, let them GET UP CLOSE and personal. It can even go so far that some dogs will LEAN against their owners, which can be irritating if you are trying to work or have chores to do. If your dog is doing this, maybe it is time to put away the laptop and reach for the lead instead?

These are the ways that you can make sure that your dog knows how SPECIAL they are to you.

Ideal for capturing those heart WARMING MOMENTS, we can make sure that you have beautiful memories that you can TREASURE FOR A LIFE TIME.


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