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Dog Tips: Treats, Toys, and My Favourite Shops to Find Them

Anybody with a dog knows how important the right treats and toys are to help keep your pup occupied and trained for good behaviour.

I also love them because using dog treats and toys are fantastic pet photoshoot tools, valuable when it’s time to get your dog to pose or interact with the camera.

That’s what this post is about: how to look for quality treats and toys, where to find them, and how to use them in your pup photoshoots.

First: Know Your Local Pet Shops

Buying from reputable pet stores such as Pack and Clowder or East End Best Friend can make sure you get a toy that lasts. You’ll also find good nutritious treats to feed your dog when they behave!

Choosing A Safe Dog Toy

It’s important to choose your dog toys carefully, as they can become choking hazards as your dog chews and plays with it.

Look for durable rubber toys or ropes. Dogs can keep occupied with these type of toys for a long time, as chewing is one of their favourite pastimes.

If your dog likes stuffed toys, I recommend looking for the ones with durable construction.

Squeaker toys are fun for your dog, but they might try to rip them apart to get to the squeaker - definitely keep an eye on your dog when playing with these!

Shop At East End Best Friend For Toys

East End Best Friend has a great selection of safe and trendy dog toys for your pet.

Plus, it has really cute accessories to get your dog in character for their photo shoot, which I adore and have used for my own pictures.

From bow ties to blankets and pom-pom toys, you can also find exactly what you need right on their website, which provides easy ordering and delivery.

Choosing Healthy Dog Treats

Treats are a good way to reward your dog for something they have done well. They promote good behavior and helps in the training process.

When shopping for treats, you may want to consider homemade ones as a healthy alternative. They are usually made with healthy ingredients and are available in a variety of flavours that your dog is sure to love.

If not homemade treats, choose a treat that is appropriate for your dog’s size and weight. Treats that are low calorie are a good option - you won’t have to worry as much about how often you’re using them!

Shop At Pack and Clowder For Treats

I recommend Pack and Clowder as a great local spot to shop for homemade treats.

I like it because it offers a little bit of everything. You’ll find plenty of dog treats to choose from as well as a variety of beds, collars, dishes and toys.

Pack and Clowder is also one of my favourite pet shops in the U.K. because you can find everything you need for your dog and have a grooming while you shop.

It offers a variety of grooming services to keep your dog looking top notch. Keep it mind next time you are in the neighbourhood!

Getting Ready For Your Photoshoot

Now that you have secured everything you need for a fab photo shoot of your dog, let’s talk about how both treats and toys can help get a good shot.

While treats work to encourage your dog, dog toys work to get their attention and create a bit of playfulness in the shoot. Both are great tools photographers can use when working with a dog in their studio or even at your own home.

Using Dog Treats To Encourage Your Dog

Let’s start with dog treats. You can use treats to entice your dog to perform at their best during the photoshoot. Dogs look forward to treats as a reward, and are often on their best behaviour when promised a treat!

Once your dog has performed the desired behaviour and a good photo has been taken, give them the treat to say thanks. This will do wonders to bolster their spirit. They also may yearn for another treat!

You can continue to repeat this process all throughout the photoshoot.

It is most likely that you have gotten several good photos out of the treat method by your dog. This definitely works to help them stay on track and focused while you are trying to take a picture!

Using Dog Toys To Get Their Attention

You may be surprised, but dog toys work in a different way than treats. Dog toys have two purposes – to get your dog’s attention and to distract them from bad behavior.

I definitely recommend picking one of their favourites - a toy your dog gets excited over.

Squeakers are great, because you can use the noise to get your dog’s attention if they become distracted. I tend to use them to get dogs to look at a certain angle or direction.

Holding the toy before the camera can get their eyes to focus on the camera, creating a completely memorable picture.

Both dog toys and dog treats play an important role in getting your dog to look at the camera and behave during the photo shoot.

Have fun shopping for your pup! Use these tips, and you’ll more than likely end up with a full gallery of dog pictures that you and your family will love!

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