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Doggy paddle at the sea: good or bad..

Swimming is an excellent sport for the cardio-respiratory system, muscles, joints and skin tone. Even older dogs benefit from this exercise that puts less pressure on arthritic joints than running or jumping. Most dogs love water and swim willingly during the summer to cool off: there is no reason to stop them. However, as for children, there is no need to force a dog to go in the water if he is afraid! You may just worsen his apprehension.

Not for all dogs

If a dog can swim instinctively certain breeds tire more quickly than others and the risk of drowning is not to be ruled out completely. Brachycephalic dogs (eg, bulldogs, pugs ...) are most exposed to the problems they easily draw water through the nostrils and can suffocate. Observe them always carefully when they play at the edge of the water.

The Side Effects of Drinking Salt Water

For less good swimmers, simply to "drink the cup" causes indigestion of a large quantity of salt which can then affect the intestinal transit. Do not be surprised that your dog is suffering from mild diarrhea after prolonged baths seas. If this is the case, put it on a diet for 24 hours frequently renewing its drinking water to encourage drinking and therefore to rehydrate. If diarrhea persists, consult a veterinarian.

How to Keep your Dog from Drinking Salt Water

The best way to prevent your pooch from drinking salt water is to provide him with lots of fresh water to drink while at the beach.

After the sea

Rinse with fresh water

Sand and salt on the skin and mucous membranes are irritation factors. Contrary to a misconception sometimes peddled, sea water does not disinfect wounds (salt retards the contrary scarring) and does not eliminate skin parasites.

After a swim, nothing better than a good shower with clear water under the garden hose from the garden! Shampoo is unnecessary but your dog will feel much more comfortable once freed of salt and sand that slipped into his coat, his ears, his sheath between his fingers ... allergy-prone dogs are the most sensitive to skin reactions and should be particularly monitored.

Your dog's eyes are also irritated by the wind and sand. To prevent conjunctivitis, please rinse eyes with saline or special eye drops for dogs.

Bottom line, the beach is a blast for dogs – but the saltwater can be a problem. Just provide plenty of fresh water and keep an eye on your pup to prevent him from taking a sip.

And, have fun!

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