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When Should You Hire a Professional Dog Photographer?

Our household pets, particularly our beloved dogs, are a crucial part to the dynamics of family life to millions of people around the world.

Quite frankly, dogs are other members of our family and because we treat them with so much love and admiration, it makes sense that they would receive some special treatment just like the human children and other members of your family.

Starting from birth in our culture, it’s pretty commonplace now that every step of a human child’s life is documented, from their birth to their first day of school to the moment they see the beach for the first time.

And why do we do this? We want to remember every happy moment because we care for them, and such should be the same for our furry friends.

Many people are not aware of the option of taking professional photos of their pup, so when and why should you hire a professional dog photographer?

When Your iPhone Photos Don’t Have The Right Quality

There is no going around this fact: If you love your puppy and treat them as your do your own human child, you will have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of them stashed away on your smartphone.

Instead of the old-standby, the wallet photo, anyone can open up their photo roll and expose unsuspecting friends and family to hundreds of photos of “that time Fido ate all the marshmallows!” or “when he looked so cute covered in mud!”

While some people might consider this behaviour a bit overbearing, your smartphone is with you at all times and you want to take pictures of your dog because everything they do is adorable, just like a baby.

The problem with this is, well, you probably aren’t a professional photographer, and, two, professional cameras usually take better quality photos than camera phones.

You might have had luck printing out a mid-sized photo of your dog in the kiddie pool from your phone here and there, but those photos are mostly only to share with friends on your personal social media.

It is only a logical investment to trust a photographer with state-of-the-art equipment, who has the eye and proper tools to grab that perfect portrait of your beloved pooch that will live on forever.

Your good doggy only deserves the best, and unfortunately, camera phone photos don’t really cut it when you want the best photo.

When Your Puppy Is A Little Tough To Wrangle

Sure, your smartphone snaps of your dog can suffice to share on your Facebook, but given that dogs, particularly puppies, like to move and cause A LOT of mischief, you will probably be dealing with a whole lot of blur, and very little puppy.

No one would want to miss a perfect photo, and that’s where a professional dog photographer would step in.

Like baby photographers, these professionals know the nature of their subject and have the ability to control the situation to get the best photos possible.

You can think of them as doggy whisperers (meaning they hide treats very well).

Instead of opting for an in-studio portrait session, which might be easier for older dogs as they require a lot more stillness, the photographer might offer an outdoor session where your dog can roam free.

Catching action shots should definitely be left to the professionals, as they know how to reign them in at the right time, and have the proper camera and skills to catch those moments that could be gone in a blink of an eye.

Wouldn’t you want a photo capturing the sparkling gleam in your puppies eye as they catch sight of that incoming frisbee?

We thought so.

When They Are Your Family

Unfortunately, dogs and other pet animals age at a faster rate than their human counterparts, so the window of documenting their young and active life is short.

You might be lucky to have your dog around for about 15 years, but it is still never enough time to truly appreciate and enjoy all the love they have to give.

For decades, families have passed down portraits of their loved ones, and because dogs are also loved onces, it only makes sense that they should get the same honor from their family.

In addition, if you are a part of a couple that doesn’t have any “human babies” yet, you can partake in a sweet family portrait session with your “furry baby” to show off to everyone you know. In this way, it is clear to everyone how important your dog is to your family dynamic and that is something that no one could ever take away.

Now, you just have the beautiful portrait with matching Christmas sweaters to prove it!

When You Want A Unique Piece of Art

Decorating your home with photos is fairly easy, but finding ones that really stick out can be a challenge.

Many people go to home furnishing stores to find stock images, which are nice and all, but lack a sentimental connection and unique touch to the home. That’s where a fine art print of your dog is the perfect solution to your decorating woes.

Imagine the amazing feeling of being asked where you got that lovely photo or beautiful animal print and being able to answer that the model was your own pride and joy?

Professional pet photographers are obviously skilled and have a precise eye meant to capture and understand how to get an image worthy of a print.

There are professional dog photographers that have set aside specific Fine Art Sessions, specifically with the mindset of creating a wall mount that you can show off with pride, complete with props and lights to match your home.

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