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Spotted a pink nose on your dog? Don’t worry it’s just winter nose!

Have you ever heard of winter nose?

The chances are that you may not have. So let’s change the question. Have you ever noticed that your dog’s nose is lighter during the winter months? If you have, then they may have something called winter nose.

This is the real first Christmas of our Assistant Marketing Coco, as last year he was a puppy. And this year I go to know his first Winter nose.

As dog Photographer, I noticed more details when I do photoshoot on this winter period.

What is winter nose?

Winter nose is when a dog’s nose becomes lighter, often turning brown or even pink. It is due to the loss of pigment in the skin and is most common in the winter.

Not all of the nose can be affected, in fact your dog can sometimes keep the dark colour on the edges of the nose or in a darker stripe across the nose.

What type of dogs are more likely to get winter nose?

It is usually lighter coloured dogs that have winter nose and it affects all ages. However, it is thought that some older dogs will keep their lighter coloured nose all year round.

Not just a winter issue

Whilst the name suggests that winter nose only happens during the winter, the condition is related to sunshine. Which means that it could happen at any point of the year. Loss of pigmentation in your dog’s nose could also be down to thyroid levels, or simply that your dog has a lighter coloured nose than other dogs! These lighter noses are caused by genetic factors, and are not related to the level of sunshine.

A lighter nose can also be caused by eating from plastic bowl, almost like an allergic reaction. If you suspect this may be the cause, then you should switch to a ceramic bowl and wait for their nose to return back to its usual colour.

Is there anything I can do?

There are no health problems for dogs associated with snow nose. However, there are things that you will need to do to help your dog be protected and not feeling any discomfort.

The most important is to protect their nose from sunburn, the lack of pigment puts them at higher risk that of sunburn. You may also find that your dog develops a chapped, sore, cracked and dry nose. There are a number of great, natural products out there that can make sure that your dog is comfortable and that they do not have any rashes or skin complaints.

All dogs are beautiful

Whether they have a light nose, dark nose or a rainbow coloured nose (okay, maybe not that one) we believe that all dogs are beautiful. If you want to capture your dog’s beauty, then why not get in touch with E5 Dog Photogrpahy today. We are experts in dog portrait and can make sure that your dog is always seen in the best light possible.

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